Infrared Thermography of a Novel Table Grill System

In this research, infrared pictures were made during the usage of a novel grill system to analyse the temperature distribution on the surface of the body and the grate. This system, called “Strawberry”, uses highly compressed biomass bales, which are carbonised in the grill in situ into charcoal. Additionally, the burnout was analysed quantitatively.

Pictures of the burnout and its respective infrared pictures of the grillring’s surface and the body temperature (operating state achieved after 30 minutes)

Infrared thermography differs from visible light photography in recording thermal radiation. By knowing the emission factor, the radiation yields the temperature from the total thermal radiation received in a given wavelength range (typical infrared cameras work in a range from 7-14 µm). Exposures from infrared cameras primarily reflect the temperature of solids and the wall temperature, radiating gases cannot be measured accurately in this wavelength range as they only diminish the radiation – flames are only visible through radiating soot-particles.