Award "Burgenländischer Hochschulpreis"

(c) FH BurgenlandMarkus Bösenhofer, Post-Doc at the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering (ICEBE) at TU Wien and at K1-MET GmbH, was recently awarded the “Burgenländischer Hochschulpreis 2021” (Engl.: Burgenland’s University Prize / University Price of the Burgenland 2021) for his PhD thesis entitled “On the modeling of multi-phase reactive flows: Thermo-chemical conversion in the raceway zone of blast furnaces”. The thesis focuses on efficiency increases of the blast furnace process, which is part of the primary route for steel production.

For his PhD thesis, he developed a reactive multi-phase CFD model for the raceway zone of the blast furnace, implemented in the open-source CFD-code OpenFOAM®, which provides the basis to examine the complex thermo-chemical processes occurring between hot blast, coke, and other carbon carriers.

Markus Bösenhofer’s ongoing research focuses on the identification of alternative reducing agents (carbon-carriers) for the blast furnace process combining experimental and particle-resolved simulations.

The University Conference of Burgenland awards the price each year in three categories: i) art ii) BSc / Msc theses iii) Dissertations/PhD theses to researchers associated / related to the Burgenland or its universities.

The full press release can be found here (in German).